9 novel ways to promote your business

There are many marketing tactics you can use to promote your business. Sometimes, simple direct marketing tools can enhance the perception of customers to your business positive results. Here is a shortlist of 9 inspiring ways you can do this.   Die-cut and leaflet business cards Business cards need not feature only your company logo […]

basic website design

Basic Website Design

I help small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals get an online presence easily and cost-effectively. With my basic website design package, you will be online and propagating your brand in no time. A website, even a basic one, imparts credibility and helps project a professional image. Furthermore, a website can evoke confidence in your products or […]

Business logo design

Business Logo Design

The logo is the core for your brand identity. It will determine the look and feel of your business cards, website, social media, packaging and lots more. A professional business logo design is an indispensable brand necessity. Because the logo is the foundation of your brand identity, it needs to look and function ergonomically. You […]

Print Marketing

How Print Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

With the prevalence of social media and online advertising, print marketing and media often gets overlooked. Not only is it a tangible way for consumers to familiarize themselves with your products and services, but it can reach a wide or niche audience. Examples of printed marketing, also referred to as traditional marketing, are newspaper and […]