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9 novel ways to promote your business

There are many marketing tactics you can use to promote your business. Sometimes, simple direct marketing tools can enhance the perception of customers to your business positive results. Here is a shortlist of 9 inspiring ways you can do this.

Die-cut and leaflet business cards

Business cards need not feature only your company logo and contact details. Why not use them as miniature leaflets and include images of your products, a list of your services, current promotions, seasonal specials or even incentive vouchers?

You can even have them die-cut in creative and amusing ways. And because they are fairly cheap to produce and really easy to keep on hand, they truly are useful items for creating awareness for your business, brand or personal endeavours. You can print them as often as you like and feature any information that you want.

Leaflet business card design

Promotional t-shirts and custom t-shirts with logos

If you are looking for a great way to give more exposure to your brand, then t-shirts might be the answer. Think of them as walking billboards. One way people can trust your brand and think of it when they are looking for a product or service, is to make sure it is seen as much as possible. T-shirts can do just that. Whether worn at the mall, at the beach, on the street or at events, a shirt can help get your brand seen and into the minds of potential consumers. Give them to your staff to wear or even hand them out for free (and who doesn’t like free stuff?) to customers, at schools, charity events, sport events and teams. Using a t-shirt adorned with your logo is great strategy to create awareness for your business or product.

You can get quite creative when it comes to branding t-shirts, helping to turn heads and getting people to take note of your business. You can even create different t-shirts featuring different products and services. Need more reasons to use promotional t-shirts? They are low-cost and quick to print. But you don’t have to stop at t-shirts: place your logo onto caps or jackets and put your business firmly in the minds of consumers.

T-shirt with logo design

Vehicle signage: vehicle wrapping and car magnets

As with t-shirts, vehicle signage is like a moving billboard that can help convert bystanders to customers. You can gain valuable exposure by having your company logo, web address and telephone number placed on any of your company vehicles. The cost per impression of vehicle signage makes it an affordable means of advertising. By wrapping your vehicle, you get to advertise your business or services to thousands of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all year long.

Vehicle signage is a great way to boost people’s retention of your brand and to make them think of you first whenever they might be needing your services. And because it can be brightly coloured and feature eye-catching graphics, it is an excellent way to get noticed. If you want an even more convenient way to turn your vehicle into a mobile advert for your brand, then car magnets might be what you are looking for. They are easy to apply and remove and will be visible wherever you go, even when your vehicle is parked.

Vehicle signage and vehicle wrapping

Mini brochures and square pamphlets

Brochures and pamphlets can be any shape and size. So, if you are looking for a novel and fun way to publicize your products and services, then you should definitely consider using a miniature brochure. A pocket-size brochure can contain the same information that a larger brochure does, but with the added benefit of being compact. Use them to inform about your organisation or display new product ranges. You could even create mini-catalogues. You could feature a specific product range or describe popular services that you offer.

A square folding brochure is ideal for displaying large prominent images and showing off products. Square brochures can be folded booklets bound in the centre or they can stretch and foldout in a variety of ways. Alternatively, a landscape format brochure can offer you an additional way to standout.

Who can use a foldout brochures? Schools and education centres can inform about their campus and courses. They are perfect for showrooms for handing out to browsing customers, displaying striking images of the products on offer. Motoring, furniture, lighting, décor showrooms. Or simply use them to display and promote a particular product range such as kitchenware, toys, sportswear, electronics…anything.

A professionally designed brochure infers a positive impression about you and your business. Click here to get an amazing brochure for your business or organisation.

Pocket brochures and mini catalogues

Email marketing:  newsletters, e-brochures, e-flyers, e-adverts

You have probably heard that email marketing is all the rage. Why wouldn’t you want to make use of an effective and relatively effortless way of reaching thousands of people? You can do a lot with a well-crafted email such as share news, showcase products, publicize promotions and announce events. Not only can you use email to communicate important information about your services or products, but you can also generate beneficial brand awareness and get people to visit your social media pages. Use email for sending out invitations for parties, special occasions or an event you are hosting.

Supplement your advertising campaigns by sending out a digital version of your brochure or product catalogue. Email a digital flyer to businesses and people within your community and inform them of your presence and to make them think of you when they need your services.

Let me help you by designing a visually appealing digital invitation or digital flyer. Or if you want to send out a newsletter to keep your customers or employees well-informed of what’s new with you, then I can help. I can either design and code your email in HTML and CSS or supply you with a web-optimised flyer, product catalogue or advertisement. Click here to get started.

Animated GIFs and adverts

Animated GIFs and banners are great for extending your digital reach and are vital components in any online marketing strategy. They can help increase brand awareness and generate leads.  Animated web banners generally have better click-through rates than static ones. Furthermore, animated GIFs can allow you to deliver a reasonable amount of information in an engaging and eye-catching way. GIFs work on mobile devices and even in emails, although not all email browsers support GIFs.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to post animated GIFs. Use them to show-off a product or a special offer or just to deliver media-rich campaigns.

Whether you opt for an email tailored for you brand and coded in HTML and CSS, or just a JPEG or PDF, I can help.

Corporate Identity

A professionally crafted corporate identity helps standardise your brand’s representation across various media and helps establish consistency in your organisation’s use of colours, fonts and imagery. Shouldn’t the way in which your business is perceived be the same no matter whether it’s in print, on social media and even internally within your employees? A corporate identity is a cool way to energise and drive engagement with your brand. Imagine receiving a traditional letter and the envelope design is bold and striking. You would not hesitate to open it to find out what’s inside.

Creating a proper corporate identity for your business not only makes it appear more cohesive, but also generates an overall visual appeal.

A professionally designed corporate identity assures that your company can be recognised and remembered. A corporate identity typically includes: business cards, letterheads, corporate envelopes, email signatures, compliment slips, invoices, pamphlets, leaflets, folders and Power Point presentations.

Asperitus logo and corporate stationery

Traditional mailers

Email marketing is amazingly convenient for reaching thousands of inboxes and creating awareness. Direct mail on the other hand, provides a more physical and engaging way to reach consumers. And because it is tangible, it becomes very compelling to open and read. It is also harder to ignore.

It’s scalable, meaning you decide on how big an audience you want to target.  Use direct mail to send postcard promos, vouchers, reward long-time customers or just say hello. And there is nothing stopping your from being creative and unconventional with the design. Offer something fresh and unique. If you don’t mind splurging a little on your marketing, then direct mail might be the way to go. Direct mail can be tailored for specific audiences, existing customers and new prospects.

Printed wall murals, posters and signage 

Wall murals and banners can go inside or out and they are perfect for showcasing your event, products or service in a big way. Why not convert an otherwise plain and bland wall in your office or store into an attractive piece of functional art? Wall murals and wallpaper make impressive additions to any interior space. Not only can you use it to boldly communicate your company’s values, but also to brighten your office.  Self-adhesive wall murals and wallpaper can be applied to most surfaces including walls, windows and doors.

Get inspired with styles such urban art, pop art, modernism, grunge, punk, or whatever, your wall mural can be as outlandish or as conservative as you need it to be. But don’t just use a mural for your offices, use them to decorate children’s rooms, your living room, restaurants, bars and showrooms.

Office wall mural

Decorative wall mural

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