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Brochure and pamphlet design

Make your business or cause stand out with an eye-catching brochure or pamphlet design. Use a brochure to gain exposure and establish your brand.

I design professional and creative brochures and pamphlets. I strive to create designs that are engaging, fresh and effective.

Need printing with your brochure design? No problem. I can provide printing of your new brochure or pamphlet.

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Brochures and pamphlets are excellent for promoting your business or cause. You can showcase your products, deliver corporate information, talk about your services and communicate who you are. You could include your mission objectives and even list your prices. Brochures and pamphlets are beneficial because they help you share vital information about your company and brand at a glance.

Not only can a brochure make your business look more professional, but it can also underpin its trustworthiness.

There are many different types of brochures: Bi-fold, tri-fold, DL, Z-fold, accordion-fold, gate-fold, roll-fold, booklets, square and various ways to fold out.

Brochure and pamphlet design

Use bright colours and die-cuts to draw attention. Alternatively, a landscape format can offer you an additional way to make your brochure or pamphlet design standout.

Brochures and pamphlets can be any shape and size and any number of pages or panels. This means you can tailor them to be as conservative or as creative as you need them to be. They can be square or irregular and stretch and foldout in a variety of ways.

Use your brochure or pamphlet to display and promote a particular product range such as kitchenware, toys, sportswear, electronics…anything. Or even turn it into your very own personal branding tool - use it for your resume, invitation, or anything you want.

Ready to make your business or cause stand out with an eye-catching brochure or pamphlet design? Contact me today or WhatsApp me on +27 11 (0)83 691 4081.


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