Business logo design

Business Logo Design

The logo is the core for your brand identity. It will determine the look and feel of your business cards, website, social media, packaging and lots more. A professional business logo design is an indispensable brand necessity.

Because the logo is the foundation of your brand identity, it needs to look and function ergonomically. You want to make sure that your logo looks good on whatever it is used because in turn it makes you look more reputable to customers and new clients.

It does not matter if your logo looks literal or abstract, its primary purpose is to identify. Therefore, a bespoke business logo design is a worthy investment because it helps ensure that your business or brand is recognisable. It also visually represents the tone or persona of your brand or business whether it is funny, quirky, serious or classy. Furthermore, it communicates the values of your brand, makes you look more prestigious, conveys credibility, infers authority and asserts trust.


Your logo should be versatile and functional

Because your logo is likely to be used on a range of mediums, it needs to be readable in various sizes. Your logo should be in vector format, such as AI or PDF,  so that it can be scaled up without any loss in quality or resolution.

Additionally, it is a requisite that your logo be outputted in the correct formats for print and digital. CMYK for print and RGB for on screen. CMYK is a 4-colour printing process standing for cyan, magenta, yellow and black whereas RGB stands for red, green and blue. You may choose pantone colours for your logo in order to guarantee that your brand colour is reproduced fairly consistently when printed on different types of paper.

A professional business logo design is worthy investment because you will receive files in the correct formats and resolution, you will be able to use the logo in various formats so that it preserves clarity no matter what size it is printed. So, whether it is larger scale like a vehicle decal, or maybe slightly smaller such as on a community publication, you can expect your logo to be reproduced clearly without looking blurry. It needs to show clarity in various sizes.

Types of logos

Lettermark logos consist of the abbreviation or the initials of the business whereas Wordmark logos consist of the whole name. They are comprised of a stylised or specific font that becomes synonymous with that brand. Both lettermark and wordmark logos may make use of particular typographic modifications to an existing font that impart a characteristic look to the logo. These types of logos may even have a custom designed font such as the Disney logo. Sometimes these types of logos are more than just a font: For example, the FedEx logo has an arrow in it (the negative space between the E and the X). Other examples of lettermark and wordmark fonts include Coco-Cola and NASA.


Brandmark logos are made up of a literal or abstract icon or symbol that is emblematic to that business. Many brandmark logos don’t include the company name simply because they are very easily recognisable from just the icon. Examples are Twitter, Nike and the Olympics.


Combination logos are a combination of a wordmark or lettermark and brandmark. These types of logos are very popular. They typically use a symbol that represents what the business is about. The symbol can be quite literal or somewhat abstract and figurative. Combination logos often include the company slogan or tagline. Adidas, Puma and Adobe are examples of combination logos.


Illustrative logos are more complex logos and characteristically feature stylised or cartoon interpretations of mascots, people, animals, cars, food and objects. You can use an illustrative logo to accentuate the personality of your business. A well-known example is KFC’s colonel. 

My Process

Getting an awesome business logo, or any logo for anything, is really simple – just fill in the logo request form on this page in the sidebar and send it me and I will work with you to create a logo that is fresh, unique and distinctive. 

Once I receive your request, I will send you some details and a quick questionnaire so that I can learn a little more about you and your business and what type of logo you require. From there, I start off with some research and brainstorming of some ideas. I begin sketching out these ideas and interpreting them into concept designs. I develop the best concepts further before rendering them digitally in Illustrator. During this process, I investigate what kind of font could work best with the new logo. I then send you the concept design and you provide me with instructions and feedback so that I can then work to refine the design into a final piece. Once you approve the design, I will send you your logo in vector (AI, PDF) and bitmap (JPEG, PNG) formats. You can use the vector logo for print purposes and the bitmap versions for digital such as on your website or email signature.

Get recognised with consistent branding

Use your new business logo design to build a stunning corporate identity by brandishing it on business cards, letterheads and your email signature. Attaining a memorable brand image takes persistence and consistency because people need to assimilate it. Therefore, make your brand more recognisable by showing off your logo on pamphlets, flyers, social media pages, web banners, pens, signage, t-shirts etcetera. 

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