Leaflet business cards

Leaflet business cards

A business card can be more than just a tool for giving out your contact details to prospects. It can contain other information on it that tells people more about what you do. Use a business card like a mini pamphlet that can contain a list of your services, an image of your most popular product or any of your promos. You can even include a short message about your business and expertise. Why not use your leaflet business cards as vouchers and discount offers?

Leaflet business cards are a fantastic way to showcase your business quickly.

Business cards are quick and cost-effective to print, so you can produce them as often as you like.

I design leaflet style business cards that feature your logo, email address, web address and contact number on one side. On the other side you can feature a short list of your services or products or even an image of one of your products.

Your leaflet business card will be succinct with the information you put on it, but still convey a little more about your business in addition to your contact details than a traditional business card.

And if you need it, I can also have your leaflet business cards printed.

Please fill out the form on this page to request a quote for your leaflet business cards and I will be in touch.

Do you need a logo for your leaflet business card? Then I can help you with that. Simply click here to get a brand new logo for your business, organisation, product, team or whatever. I design all kinds of logos for anything.

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