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I am a professional logo designer in Johannesburg SA and I create high quality logos for all kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs, for personal use, t-shirts, products and anything. A logo is a strategic tool that identifies who you are and makes you and your business look more prestigious.

I strive to create the perfect custom logo to help differentiate your business or organisation whilst making a positive impression.

Your logo will be the foundation of your brand identity. And with me as your professional logo designer, you will get a logo that is unique and functions ergonomically.

Getting your logo is really easy – just fill in the logo request form in the sidebar on this page and send it me and I will work with you to create a logo that is fresh, unique and distinctive.

Or contact me and I will be in touch with a quick questionnaire so that I can learn some more about what you require for your logo design.

How it Works

Once I receive your request for a logo quote, I will send you some details and a quick questionnaire so that I can learn a little more about you and your business and what you need the logo for. From there, I start off with some research and brainstorming of some ideas. I begin sketching out these ideas and interpreting them into concept designs.

I then send you the concept design and you provide me with instructions and feedback. I then work to refine the design into a final piece.

Once you approve the design, I will send you your logo in vector (AI, PDF) and bitmap (JPEG, PNG) formats. You can use the vector logo for print purposes and the bitmap versions for digital such as on your website or email signature.

Types of logos

Logos come in various types of styles and formats. Your logo can visually represent the persona of your brand or business.

  • Lettermark logos consist of the abbreviation or the initials of the business.
  • Wordmark logos consist of the whole name. They are comprised of a stylised or specific font that becomes synonymous with that brand. The text may even be a hand-lettered font specific to that logo only.
  • Brandmark logos are made up of a literal or abstract graphic or symbol that becomes synonymous with that company even without the name present.
  • Combination logos or iconic logos are a combination of a font and symbol. They can be literal or abstract.
  • Illustrative or mascot logos consist of a custom-illustrated graphic and involves a complex pictorial representation of a person, animal or object. They may also be simplified yet highly stylised.
  • Emblem logos use various shapes such as badges, circles, crests and shields. They can make use of custom-illustrated fonts and graphics and often tend to be highly stylised.

Types of logos examples

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