Responsive website design

Responsive Website Design

More and more people are searching online for solutions to their problems or to find services that you may offer. A website will give potential customers the information they need and a very convenient way to contact you. It also gives you a competitive advantage. But a website is not only good for providing information. It’s a way of asserting your presence and helps you gain credibility. Your website will be an indispensable marketing tool and helps legitimise your business or organisation.

A large percentage of people are using their mobile devices to view websites.  So it is essential that your website looks good in any view and no matter the device. A fully responsive website adapts to any screen size. A responsive website design helps people navigate your site more easily without them having to scroll sideways to read all your information. Google will also favour your site better if it optimised for mobile devices. Responsive websites ensure better readability and usability for anyone using their smart phone or tablet.

I design and build affordable responsive websites for all kinds of businesses, organisations as well as for personal use. Types of sites include:  Blogs, personal sites, portfolios, online resumes, business sites, non-profit websites, school or college websites, religious websites and lots more. You will also get basic onsite SEO, social media shareability, links to your social media pages, contact forms, Google maps, image sliders and a gallery.

Let me help you by building an engaging website that highlights your brand and creates a professional image.  I create both custom HTML and WordPress responsive websites. Your website will be unique and tailored to your requirements. I offer a wide range of packages for any budget. I also provide domain registration along with hosting and email addresses.

To get started, all you need to do is contact me and tell me a little about what you need a website for and what you want your website to do.

    Need a logo with your responsive website design?

    Do you need an amazing new logo to go with your new responsive website? Good news! I design all kinds of logos for all kinds of businesses and organisations. I also design personal logos and even logos for t-shirts. Your new logo will be the cornerstone of your brand. It will be vital in determining your brand identity. Whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger, accountant, restaurateur, I can create a unique logo to help make a positive impression on your target audience.

    There are various types of logos such as iconic logos, illustrative logos and lettermark logos.

    I design and develop logos that communicate the ethos of your business or organisation. All you need to do to get started is click the button below. Or email or Whatsapp me on +27 11 083 691 4081.

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